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Product Description

32mm rotating ceramic hot air styler is specifically designed for shorter styles above the jawline and fringes. The unique rotating brush adds volume, body and shape whilst the style's super ionic conditioners guarantee an effortless smooth salon blow dry result at home.


• Ensure the hair is 80% dry and combed through to remove any tangles. Divide the hair into sections.
• To turn the appliance on, slide the switch to the heat setting suitable for the hair type.
• Place the brush underneath the hair section close to the scalp and hold for a few seconds to boost volume at the roots.
• Use the brush to lift the hair at the roots as you dry.
• Move the appliance down through the hair and start to rotate the brush away from your head by pressing and holding the appropriate rotation button.
• As you do this, resist the rotation of the brush by pulling the brush downwards. This will create tension through the section of hair. IMPORTANT! It may take several attempts toperfect this technique, if the brush spins too quickly, simply release the rotation button and remove from the hair.
• As you reach the ends of the hair section, continue rotating the brush to roll the ends under. • For even more volume, place the brushat the end of the hair section and allow the brush to rotate along the hair section by pressing and holding the appropriate rotate button. Wind the entire section of hair around the barrel until you reach the root. Release the rotate button and then hold the brush in the hair for a few seconds. • Repeat as necessary.
• After use, switch off and unplug the appliance.
• Allow to cool before storing away.
• Place protective shield over brush head to protect the bristles. Please see the ‘Protective Cover’ section for direction

Heat Settings

If you have delicate, fine, bleached or coloured hair, use the lower heat settings. For thicker hair, use the higher heat settings. It is suggested to always complete a test on initial use to ensure the correct temperature is used on the hair type. Start on the lowest setting and increase the temperature until desired result is achieved. There are 2 heats plus a cool setting. Slide the ‘on/off’ switch to the first position to select the cool setting ‘*’, the second position for the low heat ‘I’, and the third position for the high heat ‘II’. Rotation Settings To make the brush head rotate, press and hold the buttons marked <>, this will make the brush head rotate clockwise and anti[1]clockwise. NOTE: When the appliance is used on the cool setting, the brush head will not rotate. Protective Cover After every use, always ensure the protective cover is placed over the brush head. This protects the bristles from damage. When placing the protective cover over the brush head, ensure to line it up with the grooves around the top of the airstyler so it slides easily into place.

NOTE: The diagr,m on the protective cover demonstrates the direction it should be placed on to the brush head. If placed on incorrectly it may bedifficult to remove. CLEANING & MAINTENANCE To help keep your appliance in the best possible condition follow the steps below: • Ensure the appliance is switched off, unplugged and cool. To clean the outside of the appliance, wipe with a damp cloth. Make sure that no water enters the appliance and it is completely dry before use. • Do not wrap the lead around the appliance, instead coil the lead loosely by the side of the appliance. • Do not use the appliance at a stretch from the power point. • Always unplug after use. Cleaning the Rear Filter • Unplug the appliance and let it cool completely before cleaning it. • Using a soft brush, clean any hair and other debris from the filter.

Box Contains

1 x Big Hair Air Styler; 1 x Protective shield; 1 x Instruction booklet

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