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BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers--3045U

The BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Roller set includes 20 fast-curl ceramic rollers which deliver high-heat performance for fast, perfect curl formation with a smooth finish.

Thermo-Ceramic Technology

Featuring infused ceramic rollers to deliver fast heat transfer and even heat distribution for perfect curl formation with a smooth finish. The rollers retain heat for approximately 15 minutes, but cool down slowly to ensure long-lasting results.

Easy Winding

For effortless styling, the rollers have been designed with cool ends so you can wind the hair around the roller with comfort and ease and with the ridged coating they secure easily in the hair for even styling.

Styling Versatility

Including 20 rollers in 3 different sizes, the Thermo-Ceramic rollers can create many looks. Use the small rollers on short to medium length hair to create body or a tight curl. The small rollers are used around the nape of the neck and around the face. The medium rollers can be used on mid-to-long hair lengths to create full and bouncy curls. The large rollers can be used on medium to long hair to create loose curls and waves, along with adding volume to styles.

Suitable For All Hair Types

The Thermo-Ceramic roller set delivers high temperature performance for fast curl formation. When switched on a red indicator will illuminate and remain solid in colour to indicate that the unit is on and heating up. With two temperature settings it is suitable for different hair types. Use the low heat for fine, delicate or coloured hair or the high heat for thick or difficult to style hair.

Secure Hold

For easy use and secure hold, the Thermo-Ceramic rollers can be held in place with either the super clips or the metal pins provided. There are three pin sizes to fit each sized roller.

Ready-to-Use Indicator

One of the Thermo-Ceramic rollers has a plastic dot on the top which will turn from red to white when the rollers are ready to use and optimum temperature has been reached.

Helpful Tips

The tightness and hold of the curl is determined by the length of time the roller is left in the hair. After using the appliance several times, the length of time the rollers should be left in the hair to achieve the desired style will be established.

For long-lasting, defined curls, the rollers should be left in the hair for a longer period of time before removing or until the rollers have completely cooled. For softer, glamorous waves the rollers should be left in the hair for a shorter period of time. In all cases it is best to leave the rollers in the hair for at least 10 minutes.

Let the hair cool before styling so the curl can ‘set’ and have lasting effect.

Box Contains

1 x Roller Unit
20 thermo-ceramic rollers,8 large, 6 medium and 6 small rollers
15 super clips
20 metal pins.

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