Braun Series X One Blade Replacement, Compatible with Braun Series X Models, Beard Trimmers and Electric Shavers, Lasts Up To 6 Months, 1 Blade, XT10

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  • Replacement blade for Braun Series X: extend the lifetime of your device by replacing your blade every 6 months
  • 4D-Blade technology: one blade with 4 cutting elements—consisting of 2 side trimmers and 2 central shaving zones. Using 450 movements per second, it shaves close enough to look great, while staying gentle on skin
  • Skin protection: caged blade technology protects the skin from the blade, so you can comfortably shave and trim even in delicate areas
  • Built to last longer: the 4D-Blade is made from 100% stainless steel and stays sharp for up to 6 months (based on two face shaves per week, actual results may vary). Easy to clean, for hygienic use at home
  • Precision and control, with confidence: the pivoting Flex head adapts to your facial contours to efficiently catch hairs. The 4D-Blade design allows you to shape and edge your style, no matter your skill level

Main Product Benefit

Powered by 4D-Blade technology

The innovative 4D-Blade has 2 central shaving zones and 2 side trimmers. It uses caged blade technology to protect the skin from the blade—for a comfortable shave that's close enough to look great while staying gentle on skin.

The 4D-Blade is built to last, staying sharp for up to 6 months*. It has a Flex head that adapts to your facial contours, for easy and fast movement. 100% waterproof, the 4D-Blade can be used at the sink and in the shower, and is easy to clean for hygienic use at home.

Stays sharp up to 6 months*

The Braun Series X replacement blade is built to last longer.

Robust and reliable

The Braun Series X blade won't detach with travel, movement or pressure—so it's always ready to use.

4 cutting areas with 450 movements per second

The two side trimmers and two center shavers make 450 movements per second to deliver a fast and efficient shave.

Efficient Flex Head

The 4D-Blade has a pivoting Flex Head, which adapts to your facial contours—makes shaving in tricky areas even easier.

Stress-tested to last

Stress-tested on plastic bristles to perform even on the densest beards. We even drop-tested it from 1 meter to ensure maximum durability.

Robust and stainless steel, for sharp lines and edges

Made from 100% stainless steel, the 4D-Blade creates sharp lines and edges—helping you shape your style with confidence.

Easy to replace, fits on any Braun Series X device

Extend the lifetime of your Braun Series X. This replacement blade is compatible with all Series X devices. Just unscrew the blade from your Series X and put on the new one.

100% waterproof, for hygienic use at home

100% waterproof, the 4D-Blade can be used at the sink or in the shower. Easily clean it under running water, for hygienic use at home.

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