Philips Series 7000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver S7786/59 with SkinIQ Technology - with Travel Case and Beard Styler Attachment

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Philips S7786/59 Wet or Dry electric Shaver series 7000 with SteelPrecision blades and Travel Case and Beard Styler Attachment

  1. SkinGlide protective coating
  2. Power sensor
  3. Motion control sensor
  4. Feedback via app

Reduces friction for minimal skin irritation

  • The shaving heads are coated with a special protective coating of 2,000 microbeads per mm², which provides a smoother glide, reducing friction by 25% and minimizing skin irritation.

More efficiency with every blade cut

  • Powerful yet gentle, this Philips razor with 45 SteelPrecision self-sharpening blades delivers up to 90,000 cuts per minute, cutting more hair in one stroke for a perfect look.

Helps improve shaving technique

  • Motion recognition technology analyzes your shaving technique and tells you how to shave more efficiently. After just 3 sessions, most men saw progress and began to shave better with fewer strokes.

Perfect your shave with the Philips GroomTribe app

  • Pair your Philips electric shaver with the GroomTribe app to perfect your shave. Track progress and adjust your shave settings to easily and quickly create the look you want.

Powerful razor to tame any stubble

  • An intelligent sensor measures stubble 125 times per second, and technology automatically adjusts the shaver's power for the best possible shave on any hair type.

Fully follows the contours of the face

  • This electric shaver follows the contours of your face with 360° flexible heads for a close and comfortable shave.

Guide hairs to the most efficient cutting position with the blade

  • The new design of the shaving head is equipped with longitudinal guide slots that improve the quality and comfort of shaving.

Powerful cleaning station to maintain razor performance and hygiene

  • 10 times more effective than regular water cleaning - the powerful cleaning station thoroughly cleans and lubricates the razor in just 1 minute. This ensures a hygienic shave and maintains the quality of the shaving heads.

Choose from a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave

  • This wet and dry razor adapts to your needs. Shave the way you want: in the shower, on the road, with water and foam or dry.

Mustache trim and sideburns

  • Create perfectly shaped mustaches and sideburns with the trimmer attachment to easily complete your chosen look.

5 length settings to customize your beard look

  • With 5 length settings, the styler attachment allows you to create any look - from perfect stubble to a short, well-groomed beard. It is also suitable for trimming long stubble before shaving.

60 minutes of use after charging for 1 hour

  • You can shave at home and on trips. 60 minutes of autonomous shaving after 1-hour charge, as well as operation from the mains.

Full charge in just 1 hour

  • Fully charge your Philips Shaver in just 1 hour with a powerful and energy efficient Lithium Ion battery. Hurry up? Charge the shaver for 5 minutes to give the battery enough power for one shave.

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