Philips S9000 Series 9000 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver S9820/12 with SkinIQ technology

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Blade-close, incredibly gentle

Experience an incredibly smooth and close shave - even on 7 day beards, with Philips S9000 Prestige. Equipped with SkinIQ technology, the shaver senses and adapts to you for the shaving experience that you have always desired.

Extra strong, self-sharpening blades for ultimate closeness

With up to 150,000 cutting actions per minute, the NanoTech Dual Precision blades deliver extremely close results at skin level. Hardened with nano particles, the 72 self-sharpening blades have extra-strong, long-lasting sharp edges for ultimate closeness at all times.

The perfect blade position for maximum precision

To avoid pulling and discomfort, the Philips S9000 Prestige has a high-precision suspension system to ensure the perfect blade position for maximum cutting precision.

High-speed shaving efficiency

Maximum rotations for maximum efficiency. The most advanced Philips digital motor ensures a precise shave for any facial contour or hair density.

Effortlessly glides over your skin

The Philips S9000 Prestige features our Superb SkinGlide coating for an extremely smooth shave. The rings with metallic pigments have an anti-friction coating for superb gliding.

A shaver with the power to tame beards

The electric shaver has an intelligent facial-hair sensor that reads hair density 500 times per second. The technology auto-adapts the cutting power for an effortless and gentle shave.

Personalise your shave

Adjust the speed of your shaver and personalise your shaving routine to your own skin and preferences.

Designed to catch even difficult hairs

The 360-D+ Flexing heads on this Philips electric shaver follow the contours of your face, catching even difficult hairs for a smoother shave.

Choose a convenient dry or refreshing wet shave

A wet and dry shaver that adapts to your preference. Choose a convenient dry shave, or pair with your favorite foam or gel for a refreshing wet shave.

Trimming your moustache and sideburns

Skin-friendly and easy to use, give your moustache and sideburns extra definition with the SmartClick precision trimmer.

Keeping everything organised and protected

The S9000 Prestige Shaver comes neatly packed in a premium storage pouch, which also fits your accessories. Ideal for travel or keeping it safe when it's not in use.

Simply use, open, then clean

Clean your shaver quickly and thoroughly. Simply pop open the shaving head and rinse it under running water.

A full charge in just one hour

Use the Qi charging pad to fully charge your shaver in just one hour. This wireless shaver runs on a powerful, lithium-ion battery designed for power and longevity.

Technical Specifications

  • Power

    1 hour full charge
    Battery Type
    Run time
    60 minutes
    Quick charge
    5 minutes
  • Design

    Ergonomic grip and handling
    Timeless elegance
  • Ease of use

    % Battery Level Indicator
    Wet and Dry
    Wet and dry use
    • 3-step cleaning
    • Fully washable
  • Shaving Performance

    Contour following
    360 D+ Flexing heads
    Shaving system
    • NanoTech Dual Precision blades
    • Excellent skin comfort system
    SkinIQ technology
    • High-control suspension system
    • Top-spin digital motor
    • Protective SkinGlide coating
    • Power Adapt sensor
    • Personal Comfort settings
  • Accessories

    Precision trimmer
    Premium pouch
  • Service

    Replacement head
    Replace every 2 years with SH98
    2 year warranty

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