Gillette Simply Venus 2 Blades Disposable Razors, 8 pack

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The Gillette Simply Venus Women's Disposable Razor is designed for your comfortable and convenient hair shaving needs wherever you go. It has a 2-blade performance that easily shaves and removes hair in every stroke without pulling or tugging. It's improved with Moisture Rich Strip that enables the blade to glide smoothly onto the skin to prevent scratches and scrapes for comfortable and safe shaving. Designed with a teardrop handle for easy handling, giving you better control and manageability in wet conditions.


8 x Gillette Simply Venus Disposable Razor


  • 2-blade design to remove hair in every stroke
  • Moisture Rich strip helps moisturize the skin and enables the smooth gliding
  • Prevent nicks and cuts when shaving
  • Teardrop handle for easy use and better control
  • Disposable razors

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