Miele FJM HyClean 3D Efficiency Vacuum Dustbags - Over 99.9% Dust Filtration


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Get the cleaning that provides maximum filtration with the Miele Red Replacement Dustbag that provides nine layers of filtration. The HyClean bags retain more fine dust and small particles than a conventional dustbag. Built with an auto-shut mechanism that automatically closes the bag when the vacuum cleaner is opened, meaning you won't be exposed to unhygienic dirt. For high performance and efficiency, use these official Miele dustbags and achieve promising results.

Includes: 4 x dustbags.

1 x Motor Filter.

1 x Super AirClean Filter.


  • Provides nine layers of filtration.
  • The HyClean 3D efficiency dustabag retain more fine and small particles.
  • Built with an auto-shut mechanism.
  • Replacement bags for Compact, S700, S4000 and S6000 Series.
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