Oral-B Genius X with Artificial Intelligence Blush Pink Electric Toothbrush

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Product Description

The Oral-B genius x 20000 is equipped with motion sensors and powered by artificial intelligence to recognize your brushing style and guide you to your best results every day.

Now it's easier than ever to brush like your dentist recommends for a superior clean, for healthier gums. This beautifully advanced toothbrush protects your delicate gums and helps prevent from future issues: the combination of the new revolutionary gum guard Technology, 360 SmartRing and pressure control alert you, reduce speed when you brush too hard and tell you where you overbrush for a gentler routine.

Last, but not least, it comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that lasts more than 2 weeks with 1 full charge. With Oral-B Genius x 20000, you can't go wrong in brushing. No wonder Oral-B is the #1 recommended brand by dentists worldwide.

About this item

  • The more enhanced clean from the UK’s No.1 Dentist recommended brand
  • 75 Percent of users had dental and gum health improvement reported by their dentists
  • Round head removes up to 100 Percent more plaque along the gum line for cleaner teeth and healthier gums vs. a manual brush
  • 80 Percent of us miss a spot when brushing
  • Genius X with artificial intelligence tracks where you brush and where you miss, giving you personalized feedback, so you never miss a spot
  • Protects your gums: Gum pressure-sensor automatically reduces brushing speed and alerts you if you brush too hard
  • Includes: Genius X with one Sensi Ultrathin brush head, lithium-ion battery with up to 2 weeks of charge, smart USB travel case that charges your brush and phone, six cleaning modes (including gum care, sensitive, whitening and tongue cleaning) and charging station
  • Please note this product comes with a UK 2 Pin Plug compatible with a UK bathroom socket

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