Oral-B Kids 3 + Years Frozen Toothpaste - 75ml - with Sugar Shield

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The Oral-B Kids 3+ Toothpastes with Frozen Disney characters are developed with dentists to help prevent cavities and help parents teach healthy habits. Oral-B Kids 3+ Toothpastes are specially designed to protect teeth against acids from sugars in everyday food. For healthy and strong teeth, these sugar free toothpastes with mild flavours are specially designed for kids.

Specifically Designed for Kids Ages 3-5

According to dental experts, the age-appropriate fluoride level formula helps prevent from cavities and keeps teeth healthy.

Kid-Friendly Flavours

Forget grown-up flavours! Kids just love the sugar-free flavours, including Bubblemint, Blue Ice and Mild Mint.

Sugar Shield

Contains fluoride levels suitable for children of different ages that provide a “sugar shield” to enhance the protection against cavities*.

*protects against acids generated from sugar

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