Waterpik Interdental Replacement Brush Heads for SR1000 and SR3000/ SRIP-3E

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Product Description

Replacement Inter-Dental Brush Heads for the Waterpik SR1000 and SR3000 Sensonic Professional and Sensonic Professional Plus Sonic Tooth Brush. Your dentist will tell you the importance of cleaning in-between your teeth. Well now with Waterpik's latest brush head this task becomes much easier. The tapered end filaments guide simply and easily in the spaces between your teeth so when the brush is activated, the 30,000 movements per minute work effectively to clean in between removing hard to reach plaque that cannot be reached using a standard shaped brush head. Also great for cleaning around bridges, crowns, implants and veneers, basically any of the hard to reach areas that rational brushing will miss.

Box Contains

Three clour coded replacement Inter-dental brush heads

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