BaByliss 2583BU Pro Cordless Styler, 19 mm

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The BaByliss Pro Cordless Styler, for total styling freedom at home or away

The BaByliss Pro Cordless Styler has a 19 mm ceramic barrel to create smooth curls or waves, with total freedom at home or away. It also includes a brush attachment, ideal for adding shape and root volume to styles.

Take your Pro Cordless Styler with you everywhere you go
High temperature and fast heat-up

The BaByliss Pro Cordless Styler heats up fast to high temperatures and is easy and safe to use. To switch the tong on, you simply push the ‘on’ switch and wait for approximately five seconds. Then, depress the start switch on the handle of the tong several times. The light at the end of the barrel should now be on and the tong should begin to heat up. Wait for one minute. The tong is now ready to use.

At the end of each styling session, push the ‘off’ switch and allow the styler to cool down before replacing the protective heat shield. If you want to check the level of fuel left in the energy cell, you can do so by looking at the clear base of the cell while the cell is in a horizontal position. If the cell is empty, replace it with a new BaByliss energy cell.

19 mm barrel for smooth curls or waves Brush attachment allows you to add volume and shape from the roots
Easy and safe to use

To use your styler, it is as simple as winding your hair around the barrel. Wind the hair as far up the hair section as desired, being careful not to let the tong touch the scalp. The styler’s cool tip means you can hold the styler at either end if needed. Hold the styler in place for five to eight seconds, depending on the texture and length of the hair. Then, to remove the curling tong, press the lever to release the hair and slide the tong out sideways. Allow the hair to cool, as this ‘sets’ the curl. Once the hair has cooled down, style as normal.

Protective sleeve to prevent bumps and scrapes when your styler is being stored or transported The styler holds a gas cylinder to power it wherever you go
For an ideal curls, each time

Wind the hair around the barrel at a slight angle, so the hair wraps around the barrel in a spiral motion. As you wind the hair around the barrel, ensure the hair is distributed evenly across the barrel, so that the entire hair section is touching the barrel to heat the hair and form a curl. For tighter, bouncier curls, wind smaller sections of hair.

Styling tips to get the most out of your Pro Cordless Styler

For loose, free-flowing curls, wind larger sections of hair around the barrel. To avoid crimped ends, make sure the ends are securely wound under the lever in the direction of the desired curl. For curls to roll under, place the hair section between the lever and the barrel with the lever facing upwards. For flip styles, place the hair section between the lever and the barrel with the lever downwards. Use the brush attachment to add shape to styles and root volume. On longer styles, be careful not to overlay the hair around the barrel as this may cause tangling.

Total convenience, anywhere in the world

Because the Pro Cordless Styler runs on a single gas energy cell, it does not require mains power to operate. This makes it ideal for holidays where you will not have access to power, such as camping trips and festivals. It also means that you can use your styler anywhere in the world, without the need for voltage and plug converters when in different countries.

Air Travel

It is important to note that only one unit containing an energy cell may be carried per person aboard an aircraft inside your check-in bags. Additional energy cells are not permitted. The protective heat shield must be securely in position over the heating element. This is subject to the individual airline’s discretion. Please check with the airline before you travel.

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Box Contains

  • 1 x Styler
  • 1 x Brush attachment
  • 1 x Protective sleeve
  • 1 x Gas cylinder
  • 1 x Instruction booklet

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