BRITA On Tap Pro V-MF Refill Filter Cartridge - 1 Pack

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The next generation of BRITA filtration – The BRITA On Tap cartridge is easy to install and lasts for 600 litres of filtration.

Purer water on demand. This is how it works: Turn the lever to filtration and water will flow through the filter cartridge – filters tap water in 5 stages – for bacteria-free, fresh water:

  • Reduces impurities – preserves minerals (calcium, magnesium)!
  • Extra-fine filter fleece prevents coarse particles from old pipes
  • Powerful ion-exchanger fleece reduces metals such as lead
  • Natural Microcarbon from coconut shells reduces odour and taste disturbing substances (e.g., chlorine)
    • Provides natural fresh taste
    • Reduces traces of herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals (such as ibuprofen)*
  • Additional high-performance filter mesh retains small particles > 60 µm
  •  Microfiltration membrane reduces 99.99% bacteria e.g. legionella and finest microplastics > 0.5 µm *.
*If contained in tap water

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