Durex Pleasure Me Condoms, Pack of 12

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  • YOUR FAVORITE CONDOMS IN UPDATED PACKAGING: Redesigned, fresh new packaging, however, don’t worry, your favourite condoms inside the box are still exactly the same
  • RIBBED AND DOTTED FOR ENHANCED STIMULATION: Durex Pleasure Me condoms have a distinct texture combination, uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots, designed to increase stimulation for you and your partner
  • 12 LUBRICATED AND EASY-ON SHAPED CONDOMS: Transparent, natural latex condoms shaped with a teat end to be easier to put on and provide a better fit during sex
  • SIZE: All condoms have a length of 195 mm and a width of 56 mm
  • DISCREET DELIVERY: Condom box delivered in discreet packaging with no branding or indication of parcel contents
  • DUREX QUALITY: With over 90 years of experience manufacturing condoms, Durex is the world’s No.1 condom brand. All Durex condoms use only fine quality raw materials and every single one is electronically tested for holes and imperfections. RB-M-01318

    Safety Warning

    This condom is made of natural rubber latex. If you have a known allergy to latex, do not use this condom as this may cause allergic reactions including anaphylactic shock. STOP USE: If you feel discomfort or irritation while using condoms. Only use a condom once. Reuse may increase risk of failure or infection. Condoms may present a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of children. If you use the condom for oral sex first, you should use a new condom for any other type of sex that follows. Only use lubricants recommended for use with condoms. Oil-based ones (petroleum jelly, baby oil and some pessaries) and some topical medicines that go on the penis or vagina can damage condoms. For anal sex, use additional lubrication (do not use Durex Tingle) on the outside of the condom.

    Box Contains

    12 x Durex Pleasure Me Condoms

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