Gillette Labs Skincare Fast Absorbing Moisturiser with Vitamin B3 and Sea Kelp - 100ml

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Supplied in a 100ml aluminium container that is made from infinitely recyclable metal, the Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturiser delivers powerful ingredients in an ultra-lightweight formula so that it can provide a light-as-air finish. Produced without the inclusion of alcohol or dyes, the hydrating formulation of the moisturiser helps to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier over time.

Men can use this product daily or whenever they want smooth, moisturised skin, including after shaving. To experience an easy and refreshing shave, or the feeling of a hot towel shave, shave with the Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar or the Gillette Labs Heated Razor and apply this moisturiser afterwards. Not only does it help to make shaving comfortable, but it has a light and refreshing fragrance, too.

How to use the Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturiser

Proper skin hydration can help to defend skin from unwanted things like razor burn and other forms of irritation. The Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturiser will help to build up the protection your skin gets over time. You should always use it to moisturise your face after shaving. Just rinse away any remaining shaving foam from your face and apply it by hand. In addition, this moisturiser has been designed to use on days when you don't shave to help keep your skin hydrated and, therefore, better protected for the next time you shave.

A rapidly absorbing moisturiser for a quick and easy shaving routine

This ultra-lightweight face moisturiser absorbs quickly into your skin whether you have just shaved or not. Its formulation means that it won't leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy, either. This means that if you do not want to hang around after shaving, you can get on with your day.

Replenish your skin with lasting hydration

The inclusion of Niacinamide will help to instantly hydrate your skin and to fortify its moisture barrier over time. This will help to make future shaves feel more comfortable, too.

A breathable feel when applied

Formulated with male skin in mind, the inclusion of Vitamin B refreshes and replenishes for lasting hydration. Meanwhile, leaving out alcohol and dyes means that the Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturiser always feels comfortable when it is applied.

A light and refreshing fragrance for men

This lightweight moisturiser features cedar wood and orange peel which combine with one another to create a sophisticated and masculine scent.

Why Choose?

Gillette Labs Fast Absorbing Moisturiser With Vitamin B3 + Sea Kelp Has:

  • A fast-absorbing formula that is ideal for men who don't want to hang around,
  • A feel that isn't sticky or greasy,
  • Ingredients that offer a masculine and refreshing fragrance,
  • Been devised for quick and easy use whether you have just shaved or not,
  • Made without alcohol or dyes in its formula,
  • A recyclable container.
  • 1 x Moisturiser (100ml)

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