Gillette Venus Swirl Blades 3 Pack - with Water-activated moisture glide

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The Gillette Venus Swirl Blades is designed with five advanced contour blades that individually adjust to your every curve with 6 times more flexibility for flawless, Venus-close shave every time. This advanced blade technology captures every hair in every stroke, delivering a smooth and silky shave. It features water-activated moisture glide serum for an effortless and smooth glide to keep your skin protected from scrapes and scratches with every session. The Venus Swirl Blade is best partnered with the Olay Violet Swirl Shave Gel for a luxurious lather infused with five times more moisturizers to help protect the skin against moisture loss.


3 x Gillette Venus Swirl Blades


  • Five contour blades designed to adjust to your every curve
  • Captures hair in every stroke
  • Delivers a smooth and silky shave
  • Water-activated moisture glide serum for smooth glide every shave
  • Can be used with the Olay Shave Gel to keep the skin moisturized

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