Jura Claris White Filter Cartridge - 4 Pack

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  • Filter cartridge
  • For Jura fully automatic machines.
  • Pack of 4.


Get healthy, clean, and filtered water the easy way with the Jura Claris Water Filter Pack! It is designed specifically for use with the JURA Coffee Machines. This water filter contains natural ion and active carbon that helps remove unwanted substances such as chlorine responsible for tarnishing the flavor and natural aroma of the water. When used, the filtered water is optimally prepared for use with coffee with a neutral PH level. It guarantees freshly filtered water at all times keeping you healthy inside and out.


4 x Jura Claris Water Filter.


  • Guarantees freshly filtered water.
  • Specifically designed for JURA coffee machines.
  • Contains natural ION and active carbon.
  • Removes substances such as chlorine.
  • Prevents water from losing its natural flavor and aroma.

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