OMRON RS7 Intelli IT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Positioning Sensor and Bluetooth Connectivity

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  • OMRON’s first blood pressure monitor with an extra validation for accuracy when used by obese people, Easily view, save and track your measurements over time by connecting through Bluetooth with the OMRON connect app
  • Intellisense technology gives a more comfortable and faster measurement by eliminating any unnecessary over-inflation of the cuff
  • Advanced positioning sensor and cuff wrap guide make it easy to get an accurate reading every time
  • Small and quiet, so you can put it in your bag and conveniently take measurements throughout the day

The OMRON RS7 Intelli IT makes it easy to accurately measure your blood pressure whatever your body type. As you put the monitor on, the cuff wrap guide will let you know you’ve put the device on correctly. And the positioning sensor will show when it’s in the right position to take an accurate reading.

While the device takes your blood pressure and pulse rate, it’ll indicate if it’s detected an irregular heartbeat or whether you’re hypertensive. Your readings will then be displayed on the large LCD screen and automatically transferred to a Bluetooth paired smart phone. Taking your blood pressure readings shouldn’t be limited to when you can, at home.

The RS7 Intelli IT helps you stay in control throughout the day – even when you’re on the go. It’s small size and virtually silent pump, means it can be discreetly stored and used anywhere.

Box Contains


Storage case

2 x AAA alkaline batteries

Instruction manual

Setup instructions

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