OptiLube Tubes - Sterile Lubricating Jelly for Insertion of Medical Devices in 5g, 42g, 82g, and 113g Tubes -82g

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  • WHAT’S OPTILUBE? OptiLube is a water-soluble, sterile lubricating lubricant designed for the easy insertion of medical devices and examinations.
  • EASY TO OPEN FLIP CAP: OptiLube Gel comes with an easy-to-open flip cap that reduces sharp edges and tube splitting, ensuring the lube is removed smoothly and effortlessly.
  • LATEX FREE AND WATER SOLUBLE: The gel is latex-free and water-soluble, with a viscosity of 13000-18000 cP.
  • EFFECTIVE AND CONVENIENT LUBRICATION: Over many years, the formulation has been refined to ensure that it lubricates as effectively as possible. OptiLube is designed to adhere effectively to gloves and a variety of devices.
  • COMES IN MULTIPLE SIZES AND SHAPES: Available with a choice of various sizes and shapes to suit your needs.
Effective, water-soluble lubricating jelly in an easy-to-open tube format. OptiLube is a medical device that is a water-soluble, sterile lubricating jelly intended for the smooth insertion of medical devices, and examinations.

Our OptiLube tubes provide sterile healthcare lubrication in a convenient tube format. The tubes are available in 5g, 42g, 82g and 113g, so depending on the volume of lubrication you will need each time, there is a tube to suit.

If you need a different volume or format, OptiLube is also available in sachets and syringes.

We’ve perfected the formula over many years so that it lubricates effectively.

OptiLube Gel is available in an easy to open flip cap that reduces sharp edges and splitting of the tube, ensuring the lube is extracted easily and effortlessly.


 Purified water, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Glycerine, Sodium hydroxide

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