Remington SF4880 Sensitive Foil Electric Shaver - Blue/Black

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  • Comfort hybrid cutters ensure hairs are cut at or slightly above skin surface
  • Lift and guide combs effectively lift and capture curly and low-lying hairs
  • Aloe Vera conditioning strip helps soothe the skin when shaving
  • Fully washable to use with either shave gel or foam
  • 2 hours charge time and 60 minutes run time

Designed specifically for those with sensitive skin, the Sensitive Foil Shaver is the perfect remedy for any man who suffers discomfort or irritation from shaving.

The precision engineering of the shaver's Comfort Hybrid Cutters means that irritation is a thing of the past! Specially designed to minimize close contact with sensitive skin, the Comfort Hybrid Cutters ensure that hairs are cut at or just above the skin's surface, delivering a neat finish that is free from common irritations associated with close shaving such as redness and razor bumps.

Intricate Lift and Guide Combs have been designed to effectively lift curly and low lying hairs. Ensuring that even the curliest hairs are captured by the Lift and Guide Combs helps to prevent ingrown hairs so they are not left to grow back on themselves incorrectly. They also reduce the need to shave the same area twice, minimizing irritation and razor bumps.

The integrated Aloe Vera Conditioning Bar provides another level of comfort to the Sensitive Foil Shaver, soothing your skin while shaving and leaving you feeling hydrated and nourished. Its fully washable feature means you can shave in or out of the shower, with your preference of either shave gel or foam, and allows you to clean and maintain your shaver for longer.

With up to 45 minutes running time, a short charge period and worldwide voltage, this shaver is an ideal travel companion

Box Contains

1 x Sensitive foil shaver;

1 x charger;

1 x instruction booklet

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