Revlon One-Step Blow-Dry Multi Styler - 3 in 1 Tool - Dry, curl and volumise with 3 attachments RVDR5333

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Revlon One-Step Blow-Dry Multi Styler - 3 in 1 Tool - Dry, curl and volumise with The 3 Interchangeable attachments (Detachable Head, Curler, Dryer, Styler) RVDR5333

One-Step Blow-Dry Multi Styler

Dry, curl and volumise with the 3 interchangeable attachments to create salon-worthy styles in up to half the time* with less damage.

Get salon-worthy hair styles in up to half the time* with the new One-Step Blow-Dry Multi Styler, from the family of the fan favourite One-Step Volumiser. Featuring 3 interchangeable attachments, this Multi Styler is designed for maximum versatility, helping you create salon-worthy hair styles from classy curls to bouncy blow-dries in just One-Step. With 50% less heat exposure** for less breakage, the Multi Styler is gentle on your hair as you dry, curl and style in One-Step without extreme heat, creating shiny, healthy-looking styles in up to half the time*.

What's Included:

  • 1x Unit
  • 1x Root Drying Concentrator
  • 1x Volumising Oval Brush
  • 1x 360° Vented Airflow Curler

Variety of Salon Hair Styles: Create different styles by using the 3 interchangeable attachments, making it suitable for all hair.

One-Step Technology: Dry, curl and style in up to half the time*, allowing you to style more often with less damage.

Four Heat Settings (LOW/MED/HIGH/COOL) For temperature customization. Ergonomic handle & lightweight design for comfort and control,

  • 3 interchangeable attachments
  • Attachment release button
  • Detachable head for easy storage and transport
  • Ergonomic handle & lightweight design for comfort and control
  • 2.5m swivel cord
  • 4 years limited warranty

How To Use

Step 1) Getting Started with the Roots Drying Concentrator

Using the Root Drying Concentrator attachment, begin blow- drying and comb your fingers through your hair, lifting sections, and aiming the concentrator at the roots.

Step 2 A) For Classy Curls

Remove the Concentrator and attach the 32mm 360° Vented Airflow Curler. Holding the appliance vertically, clamp a 2.5cm section at the ends and roll toward your crown. Continue holding the appliance vertically until hair feels dry. Lightly press the clamp to release hair and pull the appliance downward to unroll the curl. Repeat until hair has been dried into bouncy spiral curls.

Step 2 B) For Voluminous Salon Blow-Dry

Remove the Concentrator and attach the 64mm Oval Brush. To curl ends IN, place the Oval Brush UNDER the ends and hold or 2 to 3 seconds before rotating inward. To curl ends OUT, place the Oval Brush OVER the ends and hold for 2 to 3 seconds before rotating outward.

Step 3) Get the Desired Look

Repeat with the remaining sections until your hair has been transformed into classy curls or more voluminous styles and you have achieved your desired look.

Head Attachments

The Root-drying Concentrator: The unique comb design helps reach your roots to reduce dry time and prepare your hair for long-lasting hair curling or straightening.

The 360° Vented Airflow Curler: Create classy curls using airflow instead of plated heat for less damage. The 32mm barrel with Triple Ceramic Tourmaline Coating, helps smooth hair and reduces frizz while curling.

The Volumising Oval Brush: Achieve long-lasting, volumised, and smooth hair with less damage by using the 64mm Oval Brush with Ceramic Titanium Coating, which uses air to lift hair at the root and adds volume at the roots to any hair length.


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