TEPE Select Toothbrush - Medium

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TePe Select

Medium sized brush

TePe Select Medium brush comes in multiple colours to suit every style and offers excellent cleaning with its:


  • flexible brush head
  • durable tapered brush head for easier access to your wisdom teeth or second and third molars
  • user-friendly handle
  • effective filaments for a gentle clean
  • small brush head, which makes it a suitable toothbrush for both children and adults.


TePe Select is classically designed and comes in various filament textures to suit your specific needs.

Flexible toothbrush

The neck of the brush can be manipulated in hot water allowing for cleaning of even the most difficult to reach teeth and gums. The round ended filaments and tapered brush head combine to offer a gentle yet effective clean.

Smile brightly

Daily use of the TePe Select brush will help to keep your breath smelling fresh, reduce the risks of gum inflammation and help keep your teeth clean - so you can feel confident when you smile brightly.

Styles that fit to you

Finding a toothbrush which matches your own style can be difficult, however, thanks to the colourful selection available with TePe Select toothbrushes, you can feel good while brushing your teeth with a colour that suits you.

Brush upwards

Cleaning teeth properly is important. Moving the brush up from the bottom of the tooth is a good way of cleaning the visible part of your teeth, while also making sure you keep your gums healthy

TePe interdental brushes have a unique design featuring a handle and a small, replaceable brush head with bristles. The brush head is inserted into the interdental space to clean it thoroughly.


Hold the handle of the interdental brush and gently insert the brush head into the interdental space. Move the brush back and forth or in a circular motion to clean the sides of the teeth and remove plaque and debris.

Safety Warning

Avoid applying excessive force or causing discomfort.

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