Vicks Personal Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier VUL510E1 - 0.7 litre tank

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  • OUR SMALLEST HUMIDIFIER: Compact, intuitive and easy to use. This humidifier takes little space and can easily be taken when travelling. One button operation for constant cool mist output.
  • QUIET OPERATION: The Ultrasonic Technology helps easy breathing and getting a good night's sleep during periods of cough, cold and congestion. It is the perfect year round humidifier for a relaxing atmosphere in the living rooms and home offices.
  • NO RISKS OF BURNS: Ideal for home use, including working environments, adult and children's bedrooms along with babies' nurseries as there is no risk of burns with the cool mist technology.
  • VAPOPAD TECHNOLOGY: 1 slot for unique VapoPad with essential oils for extra comfort and soothing vapours for easy breathing - 1 menthol pad included
  • 360° MIST NOZZLE: Simple to operate and customise. Direct the mist where you need it most to help you maintain the right humidity level between 40-60%.
  • PERFECT FOR PERSONAL USE: 0.7-litre tank that can last up to 5 hours, perfect for small spaces such as child room, nursery, bedroom or home office, for rooms up to 10m2
  • NEW CLEANING FEATURE: The light and sound indicator reminds you when to clean the humidifier


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